33.2 Fl Oz  (1 litro) 

16.6 Fl Oz  (500 ml)

8.3 Fl Oz (250 ml)

4.15 Fl Oz (125 ml)


Our products are made with the highest standards and requirements to ensure that you will receive the original Totonac´s
Mexican Vanilla.
Another special characteristic is that we hand place a piece of vanilla bean inside each bottle as guarantee that is has been prepared with natural Vanilla.
The Vanilla we use is the richest spice Gourmet Mexican Vanilla, with the highest quality available in the world.
Each bottle is safetly sealed with an induction linner for your protection.


The late founder of mexican totonac´s vanilla.

Luis Eduardo Torres Conde Left his family with the same passion he had in bringing the purest form of vanilla flavour and scent to the world. His inspiration to bring such a success were his two children Sandy Torres and Juan Pablo Torres who have proudly inhereted their father´s dream and are following in his footsteps

Remember that our vanilla enhances the flavor of chocolate in brownies, cakes, coffee, milkshakes, ice creams, cookies, and much more.
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Vanilla is a delicate plant in the orquid family of the planifolia type, with big flowers and a greenish-yellow pistil which varies in size from 15 cm to 23 cm in length and always been cultivated in the land of the Totonacas.

Here are some FAQ's about the vanilla.

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No! Our vanilla does not contain coumarin.

Yes, the vanilla does not contain any preservatives and is gluten free

Yes.  The FDA has tested and approved the vanilla in the US.

No, all our vanilla bottles contain REAL vanilla beans.



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